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ProLiteracy advocates for adult literacy initiatives on behalf of its member network. It provides a strong collective voice to increase awareness of adult literacy challenges, influence public policy, and create change. 
https://www.wisc-online.com is a nonprofit serving the private and public sectors. Our products range from corporate learning solutions to free, publicly-accessible instructional programs. Our award-winning learning objects have been providing student success and homework help for over a decade. 
ConnectVA.org is a website where The Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond has collaborated with many non-profit organizations to offer a myriad of tools and resources that tremendously support non-profits. Check out this website to find job listings, training, a community event calendar, item exchange, discussion boards, best practice guides, news and much more in the non-profit world. Subscribers connect with other users and organizations, as well as non-profit resources and information across Central Virginia. 
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Myged.com - the website where you have all your questions answered about taking the GED. At this site, you register to take a GED test, select the location at which the test will be taken, and pay for the test. Check it out.