Going for a GED is a fantastic goal! 

You must want to earn more money.

You must want to have a greater chance at a job.

You must want to improve the literacy of children in your home.

Maybe you want to learn a particular trade or get a certification that requires a GED or high school diploma.

Whatever the reason, getting a GED is the place to start!


How does it work?
  • First, call the office and let us know you want your GED.
  • Secondly, you will come to the office and fill out an information form and take an easy test.
  • Then, you will meet the tutor, and together, you will work out a schedule for weekly sessions. The session is about 2 hours per week.
  • The tutor will teach during the session and then you will have practice work during the week.
  • When ready, you will take the first GED test. There are four tests: Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Math. Over time, all four tests will be taken.

What happens if I fail any of the GED tests?

We are not discouraged. We help you improve in the areas that challenged you and you test again.
Of course you are. Everyone is scared when they start something new like this.
Do we believe you can do it?
Of course we do and we will teach you and cheer you on. We are excited to give you a chance to succeed.